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Fully Occupy Your Own Skin

Maximize the potential of your breath through liberatory movement and musical groove. Dial into sensory play and expand your self awareness. Sign up NOW to experience unbounded joy and vitality.

JiM™ Gives Back

Joy in motion - JiM™ gives back to indigenous communities and provides participatory access for underserved. Changing the destiny of Kopeyia village in Ghana, let's see what else we can do together!


Meet Dr. S Ama Wray

The founder of Embodiology®, Dr. S. Ama Wray's creative work has always been inspired by improvisation. It is at the heart of JazzXchange and at the foundation of all her multidisciplinary collaborations with composers, dancers, playwrights, technologists, filmmakers, educators and scientists. She is a prize-winning artist and scholar, receiving recognition from the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts and the Comparative International Education Society - illuminating that her work has significance across a variety of fields. Alongside her artistic works on the stage, Wray has pioneered teaching methods that are grounded in deep learning, community building and self-realization. The global pandemic, while raising fear and anxiety in many, was the catalyst for Wray to build community with vigor and heart. Demand for her work continues with invitations to create, teach and lecture in the Americas, Europe and Africa. She is an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of California, Irvine where she leads The Africana Institute for Creativity, Recognition and Elevation (AICRE). Emanating from AICRE she is a co-founder of AI 4 Afrika a strategic initiative that has been a content partner to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland as they usher the globe toward realizing the sustainable development goals.

-JiM™ Creator - Dr. S. Ama Wray

Let’s get moving

A Movement Practice to Optimize Life

JiM™ will lead you toward your joy and increased wellbeing, and amplifies your creativity. Boost your serotonin levels, elevate your mood and sharpen your cognition.

At the JiM™ we build our resilience to manage social fluctuations because we embody intentional creativity through the performance of expressive rhythmic motion.

JiM™ expands your capacity to engage with, and experience, the world as a fully embodied and emboldened citizen; be fully present, zestful, empathic and mentally flexible.

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