Is JiM for me?

Most people do not have a dance background.

If you have a body you can do this! Lose your fear of expression, instill inspiration and courage.

Let JiM help you experience happiness in your body.

What is JiM?

JiM is a mind-body practice, which begins with a concentration upon the body's vital motion of breathing. By optimizing the flow of breath, we advance the quality of our thinking and being. Group and individual movement stories generate empathy, encourage joy and restore body mind awareness to a state of creativity, confidence and calm. In the workplace, this practice accelerates employees' abilities to strengthen communication and build pragmatic teams.

Is it Safe?

The limits of the movement range are your choices. JiM promotes listening to your body at a deeper level. There is opportunity to participate while seated and this does not hamper integration, rather it adds variation that the group values.

What if I do not have a regular physical practice?

JiM is for everybody; if you have limited mobility there are adaptations we can utilize. It is a practice that improves, communication, shared responsibility, resilience, collaboration, deep listening, empathy, compassion, confidence, imagination, physical awareness, sociability and creates trust between people.

What is involved?

Using movement and interaction with others, you will solve conceptual puzzles. These illuminate challenges and create novel insight toward resolving them. The limits of movement range are always your choice. Standing or seated possibilities of movement choices remain abundant. Listening to your body and observing others leads to embodied cognition. Respecting the differences between people is paramount, of great value to personal and group efficacy.

How is it different from other established movement practices?

Unlike yoga or Zumba, JiM does involve guided interactions with others in class. This involves sharing your experience of an exercise to the rest of the group. You will be guided by our certified JiM Instructor.

Our current offerings?

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