Joy In Motion

What is JiM™?

JiM is an online practice, designed to promote physically engaged personal development. Modern day life is largely sedentary where thinking and movement are often seen in opposition. JiM begins with the most important movement in the body - breath - and integrates this into movement. This patterning is generated by the individual as well as shared among the group.

What Jim™ helps with?

Bodymind awareness

Emotional balance



Generosity between people

Improves Self-Esteem

Community Engagement

Renewal of creative agency

Increases adaptability

Understanding body language

Increases focus

Unfixes fear and inertia

Improves confidence

Generates joy

What are the benefits?

Learn to respond rather than react

Reduce or eliminate frustration

Improved flexibility; reduced anxiety to change

Improved focus; enables follow through of desires

Attain sustainable self-improvement

Faster recovery from disappointment or surprise

Reveal embodied ways of communicating that were hidden

An interpersonal way to supercharge creativity

Current offerings.

Individual leadership coaching with Dr. Ama Wray

Embodiology® for business

Let’s get moving.

A Movement Practice to Optimize Life

JiM™ will lead you toward your joy and increased wellbeing, and amplifies your creativity. Boost your serotonin levels, elevate your mood and sharpen your cognition.

At the JiM™ we build our resilience to manage social fluctuations because we embody intentional creativity through the performance of expressive rhythmic motion.

JiM™ expands your capacity to engage with, and experience, the world as a fully embodied and emboldened citizen; be fully present, zestful, empathic and mentally flexible.

Meet Dr. S Ama Wray

The founder of Embodiology®, Dr. Ama Wray's creative work has always been inspired by jazz and multidisciplinary collaborations have been in abundance. Wray is the founding Artistic Director of JazzXchange Music and Dance Company, elevating jazz music and dance on the concert stage. She has collaborated with musicians and composers including Wynton Marsalis, Bobby McFerrin, Derek Bermel, Gary Crosby, OBE, Zoe Rahman and Julian Joseph, OBE. Her work continues to be performed and commissioned on three continents. She is an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of California, Irvine where she leads The Africana Institute for Creativity, Recognition and Elevation, a multidisciplinary concern that focuses on solutions to problems encountered in populations that have been mis-served. Emanating from AICRE she is a lead collaborator on the AI4Afrika initiative that is functioning as a content partner to the United Nations in Geneva to move the globe toward realizing the sustainable development goals.

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