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Joy in Motion “building a better world - movement by movement”

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JiM™ Creates

JiM Clubs

Limited Availability

JAC - AMBASSADORS - An exclusive club only open to founding community members of Virtual Embodiology®

JEC - EXECUTIVE - A corporate community for integrating businesses and employees

JIC IMAGINEERS - A space for original thinkers seeking to expand their horizons yet further

JOC - OVERSEAS - People from beyond the USA expanding the JiM community

JiM Is.

A body-mind movement practice, framed by Dynamic Rhythm®

An organic learning system that supercharges individual and collective creativity

An established method to attain sustainable self-improvement.

Cross-cultural: drawn from African, Eastern, and Euro-American values

Anti-Aging and energizing

An organic learning system that supercharges individual and collective creativity

For people of any age or physical ability

JiM generates/ promotes:

Empathy, Courage and Joy

Generosity between people & improved decision-making capacity

Renewal of purpose and realization of potential

Capacity to change

Community engagement

Curriculum for a different age groups

Improved self-esteem

Access to personal insight, providing gateway to growth

Unfixes fear, disrupts inertia

JiM proficiencies:

Creativity, confidence and calm

Bodymind awareness, & ability to focus

Emotional balance

Capacity for Deep Listening


Ability to focus

Valuing the contribution of others

Building community through participation

Builds on Consistency of practice



Dr. S Ama Wray

The founder of Embodiology®, Dr. Ama Wray's creative work has always been inspired by jazz and multidisciplinary collaborations have been in abundance. Wray is the founding Artistic Director of JazzXchange Music and Dance Company, elevating jazz music and dance on the concert stage. She has collaborated with musicians and composers including Wynton Marsalis, Bobby McFerrin, Derek Bermel, Gary Crosby, OBE, Zoe Rahman and Julian Joseph, OBE. Her work continues to be performed and commissioned on three continents. She is an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of California, Irvine where she leads The Africana Institute for Creativity, Recognition and Elevation, a multidisciplinary concern that focuses on solutions to problems encountered in populations that have been mis-served. Emanating from AICRE she is a lead collaborator on the AI4Afrika initiative that is functioning as a content partner to the United Nations in Geneva to move the globe toward realizing the sustainable development goals.

JiM™ helps with

Bodymind awareness

Emotional balance



Generosity between people

Improves self-esteem

Community engagement

Renewal of creative agency

Increases adaptability

Understanding body language

Increases focus

Unfixes fear and inertia

Improves confidence

Generates joy

JiM™ Gives Back

Joy in motion - JiM™ gives back to indigenous communities and provides participatory access for underserved. Changing the destiny of Kopeyia village in Ghana, let's see what else we can do together!

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